Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Effective Communication Skills in Nursing Leadership

Effective communication is a recipocal process that communicate the right message to the other staff members who correctly receives the said message and understands it. Coomunication is effective when the people you are working together understands the message you are trying to communicate. Therefore, communication should have audio, visual features and body language to apple to listeners. It depends on our realization of the diversity of the staff and their perception of the world. Effective communication allow nurse leaders to accomplish mutual understanding and guide the movement of information, assist staff to have frank discussions and motivate other staff members to achieve organizational goals.
Nurse leadership must have the ability to skillfullybuild relationships with team members to effect their behaviors. The nurse leaders via effective communication guide their staff in handling misunderstanding and move to a highly functioning team.


  1. Mariama,
    Your blog is quite informative and very bright and colorful.Effective communication in all aspects of patient care and also with other professionals regarding that care is paramount to quality patient care. I especially enjoyed your embedded video on many hands making the work load lighter. Good job :)Becki

  2. Mariama, leaders must be awareo of how they communicatie, both verbally and non-verbally. I am enjoying th background of your blog.

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